Appetizer From Kitchen

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1.Chicken Lettuce Wrap    8.95

Minced chicken,Jicama,bell pepper in hoisin sauce

2.Coconut Shrimp    8.95

Sweet chili sauce

3.Age Tofu    4.95

Fried Bean Curd,bonito on the top w.tempura sauce

4.Beef Negimaki    7.95

Thinly sliced beef rolled w.scallion,teriyaki sauce and sesame

5.Crispy Calamari Ring    7.95

Sweet chili sauce

6.Shumai    5.50

Steamed shrimp dumpling

7.Gyoza    5.95

Pan fried Japanese soybean

8.Edamame    4.95

Steamed Japanese pork dumpling

9.Haru Maki    4.50

Japanese spring roll (vegetable)

10.Hamachi Kama    9.95

Grilled yellowtail neck w.ponzu sauce and scallion

11.Soft Shell Crab    9.95

Deep fried soft shell crab w.tempura sauce

12.Shrimp tempura    7.95

Deep fried shrimp w.vegetable

13.Vegetable Tempura    5.95

14.Ika-Maru Yaki    7.95

Grilled squid w.teiryaki sauce and sesame

15.Yakitori    4.95

Chicken skewer w.teriyaki sauce and sesame

16.Rock Shrimp    8.95

Crispy Shrimp w.sweet and mild spicy sauce

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