Kitchen Entrees

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1.Double Treasure    16.95

Combination of crispy chicken and deep fried walnut shrimp

2.Chilean Sea Bass    23.95

Lightly fried chiean sea bass,mixed vegetables special sauce

3.Thai Mango Chicken or Shrimp    14.95/16.95

Fresh mango,jicama,bell pepper w.special mango sauce

4.hot_chiliGeneral Tso’s Chicken    12.95

Fried white meat chicken,served pepper honey sauce

5.Sesame Chicken    12.95

Crispy white meat chicken w.honey sesame sauce

6.hot_chiliBasil Fillet Mignon    22.95

Stir-fried with mushrooms,bell peppers,snow beans,basil leaves,red onions


Choice of:

         Veggie    10.95         Chicken    12.95         Beef    13.95         Shrimp    14.95

7.hot_chiliGreen Curry    

Eggplant,bamboo shoot,bell pepper,basil leaves w.coconut milk

8.hot_chiliRed Curry    

Bamboo shoots,bell pepper,eggplant,basil leaves,tomatoes,snow beans,onion w.coconut milk

9.Broccoli w.Soy Ginger    

10.hot_chiliThai Basil    

Mushrooms,bell peppers,snow beans,basil leaves,red onions

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