Noodle & Rice

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1.Udon Soup    

    Vegetable    10.95

    Chicken     12.95

     Seafood    14.95

2.Nabeyaki Udon    14.95

Japanese noodles soup w.chicken,egg,vegetable,fish cake,crab meat,and 2 pcs shrimp tempura on the side

3.Tempura Udon    12.95

Japanese noodles soup w.vegeteable, 2pcs shrimp tempura,vegetable tempura on the side

4.Yaki Udon or Lo Mein    

Vegetable   10.95

Chicken    11.95

Beef   12.95

Seafood   14.95

5.Fried Rice    

Vegetable   9.95

Chicken    10.95

Beef    11.95

Seafood    12.95

6.Hibachi Fried Rice    7.95

7.Hibachi Noodles    8.95


Choice of:

         Veggie    10.95         Chicken    11.95         Beef    12.95         Shrimp    13.95

1.Pad Thai    

Sauteed rice noodles w.egg,salted turnip,scallions,bean sprouts,peanut on the side

2.hot_chiliDrunken Noodle    

Stir fried flat noodles w.bell pepper,red onion,tomatoes,baby corn,basil leaves w.thai sauce

3.hot_chiliThai Pineapple Fried Rice  

Stir fried w.pineapple,red onion,cashew nuts,bell pepper,raisins w.egg

 4.hot_chiliThai Basil Fried Rice    

Stir fried w.bell pepper,red onion,basil leaves,baby corn w.egg

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